Friday, 1 July 2011

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Monday, 13 June 2011

Recent Round-Up

Ok so I never seem to blog on here and so I have decided to share a few gems with SHREDERS:

Nice Picture of Bish taking photographs... see HERE for some other grainy, badly Dev.ed and un-washed film photographs. One of these days I will get in the darkroom and do a proper job!

I bought this on 45 single today and actually the B-Side is better:

I have also been trying hard to see as many funny animal videos as possible:

Thursday, 19 May 2011

James Rooney. Fucking Awesome.

Rooney just uploaded a top edit to dD reminding me why he is hands down the greatest video editor in Newcastle if not the world! Here's some fav's of mine..

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Monday night saw the return of the alleycat to Newcastle, the first of 2011. The plan was simple, meet at the Tyne for 7pm, £2.50 fee to race, 6 checkpoints, 35 minutes to race, winner takes all. Each racer was given a manifest to document the locations of the checkpoints and the 4 digit code that was at each checkpoint, as they were unmanned they took abit of searching for at times.
Over a distance of roughly 10miles the checkpoints were as follows
- Sage (10 Points)
- Ride (Dentons) cycles (15 Points)
- Life Centre (15 Points)
- Leazes Park (20 Points)
- Armstrong Bridge (30 Points)
- Tanners Pub (10 Points)

With an extra 10 points up for grabs for the first rider back, the different weightings of each checkpoint and the ridiculous wind on Monday it was set to be a good'un.
So we set off, you may notice I'm not in this photo, not thinking I'd be able to get all checkpoints I tried my luck doing pretty much the reverse route to everyone else hoping that I'd get a tail wind the whole time.
The route was good, town was pretty empty so red lights/junctions weren't really an issue and my trick with the wind seemed to work, riders finished at the Tyne as follows
- Matt (+10 Points)
- Steve
- Tom (Me)
- Jun
- Mark
- Phil
- Barry (-10 Points late penalty)
And so it was results time. With everyone's points tallied up and £15 for the winner they came in as follows
1st Phil
2nd Tom (Me)
3rd Steve
4th tied Matt/Barry
6th Jun
7th Mark

Just 15points, Ride cycles, came between me and Phil, with at least 5minutes between our finish times I probably should have gone for all 6 checkpoints. There's always next time though. TO THE PUB!
Hopefully there will be another race within the next few months. Cheers to Jun and Fee for the photos.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Ride out

 Sun was out, decided to head out
 Eggy bread, sugar, banana. Fuel. 
Rough directions. Didn't really work, ended up going to far up towards Berwick Hill with a major head wind.
 These were everywhere
Trees sure make a nice change from buildings
Rough google of the route comes out at 25.8miles, done in about 2hours with a break in Ponteland. The ride through Prestwick and Dinnington was definitely the highlight, winding roads with a slight downhill. Fast.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Speaking of sunken shredding

Monday, 9 May 2011

Sunken Seaburn skatepark shred